Fried Tofu

Lots of people ask "how to make tofu that tastes good..." so I thought I'd post this:

In a large teflon frying pan, heat on medium high, put in about 2T sesame oil, 1-2T tamari, and 1-2T chopped scallions-- I also throw in about 1 tsp garlic powder (this is a fast, easy recipe). Cut up 1 block firm tofu into rectangles about an inch in diameter, and 1/4-1/2 inch thick. Heat up the mixture in the pan, stir to mix, spread out, then lay all the tofu slices in the hot mixture. Slosh them around a bit and flip over to coat on all sides with hot oli/tamari mixture. Cook about 5-10 minutes, every once in awhile press down on the slices with a spatula (forces out excess water). Gently turn slices over and continue cooking and pressing about 5-10 minutes more. End product is a very very tasty meat substitute. Problem-- it gets eaten very quickly and you must make more.