Universal Party Foods

"Can anyone recommend things to make for a party that non vegetarians would like? So far all I can think of is a pasta salad."

  • vegetable foccacia
  • three-bean salad
  • hummous dip with pita wedges
  • roll-ups of tortillas with avocado, cream cheese, sprouts etc
  • finger-sized spanikopitas
  • fruit salad
  • bean dip with veg refrieds, corn, jalapenos, etc
  • burrito or taco bar
  • egg rolls
  • barbequed mushrooms (dip in vinagrette first)
  • BBQ veggie-kabobs; mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, pineapple, eggplant chunks, etc
  • marinated grilled vegetables
  • satay tofu (I can repost that recipe if anyone is interested)
  • corn salad
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